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14th of June, 2021



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Rube needs a hobby

Man oh man, these politicians have gotten my blood all angried up. I mean, how can you socialize health care with a 50.3% majority? Doesn’t something like that at least deserve some consensus?

But this is what I’m talking about. This kind of shit keeps me up nights. And I’ve already got socialized medicine! So why in the world would it bother me?

And so, to get away from it all, I decided to go into the office today and knock out some backlog. A rare warm and sunny Sunday, which started out with the classic Sunday Roast in an English countryside pub, ended as weekdays do: with me pissed off in the office, wondering how the hell it all got away from me.

Obviously, Rube needs a hobby. Something to direct all this anger into. So, here are a few ideas, just off the top of my head:

  • Bowling
    Bowling But I can’t say as I’ve ever really caught the fever, so to speak. I think it’s the fact that most people who hang around in bowling alleys are scum.
  • Pool hustling
    You get a better class of ne’er-do-well in pool halls than you do in bowling alleys. I’ll even accept the fact that you can’t smoke inside anymore. Nevertheless, this one’s out. I used to think I was good at pool, until I got my ass handed to me steadily by that no-account shark, Eric . The limiter for me here is the lack of raw talent.
  • Juggling
    Juggling is one of those things I can do but can’t explain why. I’m not a good juggler, mind you, but I can keep three going for a few rounds. I guess I could try to become an expert juggler, but probably lack the requisite dexterity, and I most certainly I lack the dedication. The payoff here is minimal.
  • Stupid cigarette tricks (advanced)
    I can do the following tricks already: the quick-snap; the single-loop toss-and-catch; the single smoke-ring. All of these I can hit with about a 60% success rate. It’s a fine hobby, I guess, except for the fact that it will fucking KILL me. So that’s out.
  • Blogging
    Now we’re talking. Maybe I should take up blogging again?




.... man, you know that I love you...... that hillbilly beat down was purely because your Squeeze is such a DAMN good shot!...... you guys need to come again!......

..... it was a pleasure having you guys here.


Missed one - dwarf tossing.


There's hobbies, zonker, and there's passion. I think you know where dwarf-tossing fits in there.


You'd be so proud of me - I'm sitting here messing with Ubuntu for the first time. How's that for ending the weekend on the right note. Maybe I need to find some new hobbies, too...something more socially smoking crack.


I know waht you mean..I need a hobby too! ;)

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