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About this Site

You Bitch! is the personal blog site of Internet personality Rube. If you would like to contact the author directly, please use the form provided on the site contact page, once it actually goes online.

Standards and Customs

You Bitch! is written in English, with occasional German text. Despite the fact that the Author is presently moving to Great Britain, American English is chosen whenever a choice necessary. In addition, the "Oxford Comma" is used in all texts and submissions, as it is God's Own Comma. Sentences tend to be long, as this saves on periods.

Technical Credits

Most pages at You Bitch! are written in John Gruber's Markdown text formatting specification. Content is translated into XHTML by Manfred Stienstra and Yuri Takhteyev's Markdown decoder for Python, and John Gruber's Smartypants quote prettifier.

XHTML content is formatted using CSS, and presented in the following typefaces1:

Site content is handled by a custom blogging and content-management system written by the site author, using the Django web development framework and the Python programming language.

Portions of the CMS were strongly influenced or outright copied from:

Supporting Infrastructure

Most of the content at You Bitch! was generated on a Macintosh PowerBook G4 using the following software packages:

Peripheral Hardware

Original digital photographs and films which appear on You Bitch! are creating using either a Canon PowerShot A80 or a Kodak CX7530, both of which are sub-$500 consumer digital cameras.

Consumer Rights Statement

All materials published on this domain are copyrighted and made available under Fair Use principles. This is not a Creative Commons site, although anyone is free to link to, excerpt, comment upon, or otherwise use the materials published here. Hot-linking, however, will probably result in a Goatse. External resources which are linked on this page are, naturally, the property and responsibility of their owners. You Bitch! takes no responsibility for the quality or suitability to purpose of linked resources.


The Chestnut Tree Confession

All things on this site which purport to be factual are, in fact, invented by me. I do no fact-checking; I admit freely to bias, bigotry, and chauvinism; I wallow in obfuscation and dissemblance, and use them whenever possible; and I purposely embed fraudulent and/or dangerous information in what appear to be harmless dissertations on benign subjects.

All opinions expressed by me on this site are mine, and mine alone. My employer, customers, family, and acquaintances have nothing to do with it. If you want their opinion, you'll have to ask them for it.

Third-Party Content

Comments, Trackbacks, or Pingbacks left on this site by visitors or third-party web sites are subject to editing or deletion, if they are considered (by me) to be offensive. I take no responsibility for any offense, harm, or boon which arises from third-party content.

  1. Display of these typefaces is subject to the their availability on the site visitors' computers, and may vary according to browser, screen resolution and colors, and operating system version. 

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