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22nd of July, 2024



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I can think of seven people that I know right now, off the top of my head, that eat their own snot, right out of their nose. Boogers! I can remember a period of my childhood where I actually did that. I was a world-class, pre-kindergarten gold-digger. I got busted by a grown-up once, and was immediately, irrevocably cured of the habit. That particular grown-up ridiculed me to the point that it almost became an obsession busting other people that do it, not to get too Freud on you, but probably to reaffirm my estimation of my self as a passable human being.

It’s strange when you see it. You notice that light flick of the wrist, which sends the pinky into the nose, and then a non-discript motion that brings the nail down to the tongue, delivering the golden payload. It’s probably a subconscious thing that people do, when they’re under stress or in their cups. But still, I always wondered what would happen if I called somebody on it. How would that happen? What would be the best thing to say in that situation? Could I just say, “Hey, man, you just went diggin’ and ate it. Give a hundred dollars.”

A buddy of mine in college had a co-op job at an engineering contractor in Atlanta. He told me once that his boss, who was the owner’s daughter, was an incorrigible, albeit extremely clever booger-eater. He said you’d be talking to her in a meeting, and if it got stressful, her hands would be all over her face. She’d pull amazing sleight-of-hand tricks and diversions, like scratching her eyebrow with her middle-finger, while her pinky was buried in her nose. Then, she’d rub her hand down her face, delivering the goods to her tongue, all while speaking to 15 to 20 people about a million-dollar job. He was horrified, and could only talk about it in hushed tones. I understand completely. I mean, how do you tell your boss that her booger-eating freaks you out?



ew, now that my friend is disgusting. I dare one person to say that they NEVER ate one of their boogers and if they did, I wouldn't believe them. I'm not sure what it is about kids (no excuse for adults) that leads them to eat something that they pulled from a body cavity. As a child, I was caught by a friends mom doing the deed and she sat me down and explained to me that there are little hairs in our noses that are there for the express purpose of catching germ particals and when we sneeze they are blown out. It's just one of our body's persoanl mechanisms to keep us from getting sick. THAT was it for me (and thankfully at a young age) to know that all that junk in my nose was tiny little bugs attempting to enter my body and make me sick. I was done and now just the thought completely grosses me out. but thanks for the visual.

:o) Dawn


Charles Pecor II, I went to school with that kid for 12 yrs. He was forever known as "Booger Eatin' Chuck" because he did that same crap.....I guess he did stop eating boogers before Jr. High but that don't matter...once a booger eater...always a booger eater... :)

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