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Our friends the spanish...


click for fullsize

For Allah, who unfortunately was quicker than I.

Nous sômmes seulement les americains

For Spanish reactions to the El Pais ad, check out these links:


Google Translate is your friend.


Southern Watch

<strong>'El Pais' Ad Trashes Memory Of 9/11</strong>

UPDATE 09/16/04: It appears that El Pais first said is was a fake advertisement, to later reverse themselves, saying they do not confirm nor deny that the ad eminated from them. Looks like they're cowards, on top of being insensitive jerks. Meanwhile, ...

<strong>Un da da para mucho</strong>

La ltima campaa de promocin de El Pas tiene indignada a media blogosfera. El primero en denunciar este anuncio, hasta donde he podido rastrear, fue Arcadi Espada. Despus lo recogieron muchos otros bloggers, entre ellos Franco Alemn, que lo ha lan...


Bad translation, my folks...

First, i'm a spanish guy so please forgive my bad english level.

Second, i want to say that the information I found in the web is not all right and is creating trouble. I, personally, don't want to be called Nazi or Fascist.

This was an ad for EL PAIS, the most improtant newspaper in Spain. It is FALSe that this paper is communist and enjoyed the 11-S. It is true that EL PAIS supports the PSOE who are socialists but "socialism" is different in the USA than in europe. In USA it seems that socialism=communism, in UE socialism is a left-center way of doing politics. You could agree or not but they don't dictate, kill and opress like communists or nazis did. They are nor authoritarists (autoritarios, i dont know the suitable word).

Second, the unfortunate ad is erroneus and they have retired it in one day. But i often read things like "the ad makes laugh of the victims and it's a provocation". False: the ad uses the example of 11-S and 11-M to say "a lot of things could happen in just one day: imagine in three months". They say three months because they advertise a special offer of three free months of subscription. Not more.

It is a bad ad. They were wrong. But there's nothing pollitical.

And the image you have in this page is totally false. I received the two ads, the one with the 11-s and the 11-M. If you want to generate hate towards Spanish people, that's the way. Keep it!



What you've got here with this entry is only my personal reaction to the advertisement sent out by an apparently popular Spanish magazine, El Pais. Nothing more, nothing less.

I find it disgraceful, and hopefully El Pais will suffer for it financially. That would certainly reflect the sentiment you suggest is normal among the Spanish.

I've lived in Germany since 1997, so I'm fairly familiar with European Socialism; the Socialists came to power in Germany in 2002, also riding a campaign of anti-Americanism. Honestly, it never occured to me that the Spanish were becoming fascists or Nazis. I've certainly never accused them of that. However, after watching them cut-and-run in Iraq, and now sitting on their hands in Afghanistan, I have to wonder what kind of country will just let themselves be blown up like that without fighting back.

Spanish gal

Rube... funny how you automatically think bad (Nazis? Do you EVEN know what that is?) about anyone who doesn't follow USA politics... And you call that democracy?

THANKFULLY we went away from Iraq. We don't find it heroic to keep killing innocent people. Now, THAT is a crime, and not a stupid (cruel and, yeah, I didn't like it either, I think it was a huge mistake of the ones who made it, not EL PAIS, but nonetheless stupid) ad for a newspaper.

Jim Clegg


The el Pais advert was nasty. But your response - using images from the Madrid bombing - is disrespectful to those who died. If you must unload your spite, unload it on Pais.


Why does everybody think I'm accusing the Spanish of being Nazis? I don't get it!

Do I Know What a Nazi Is? by Rube 17.9.2004

'Nazi' is an abbreviation for die Nationalsozialistische Partei Deutschlands, or a follower thereof; a political movement started in Germany during the 1930s. Principles of Nazi politics were: tight state control of production; fanatic nationlism; socialized health care; gun control; centralized state control of the media.

The crimes of Nazi Germany were motivated by racism and nationalism, and facilitated by unfettered government powers.

In conclusion, Rube knows what the hell a Nazi is. He even works with a couple of them.

The End.



EL PAS pide perdn - Opinin - 16-09-2004

EL PAS pide perdn por la utilizacin de las imgenes del atentado contra las Torres Gemelas de Nueva York, ocurrido el 11 de septiembre de 2001, para una campaa de captacin de suscriptores a Esta lamentable campaa, realizada a travs de mensajes por correo electrnico, se apoyaba en dos fotografas de Nueva York, una con las Torres Gemelas y otra sin ellas, bajo el ttulo Un da da para mucho. Imagnese lo que puede suceder en tres meses. La promocin comenz el pasado lunes, 13 de septiembre, y fue remitida a ms de 50.000 destinatarios antes de su cancelacin, el mircoles da 15.

EL PAS, su empresa editora y el Grupo Prisa lamentan profundamente que se haya utilizado como soporte publicitario una tragedia, que en este caso cost la vida a ms de 2.700 personas. Pedimos perdn por ello a las vctimas y a sus familiares, a los ciudadanos de Nueva York que vivieron ms directamente aquella agresin, a cuantos han visto invadido su correo electrnico por tan ominoso mensaje, y a los lectores todos del diario.

Cualquier explicacin es insuficiente ante la cadena de errores que ha llevado al lanzamiento de esta campaa, que algunos de nuestros lectores han calificado con justicia de repugnante. Compartimos el rechazo que han expresado en numerosos mensajes y cartas al director y lamentamos lo sucedido.

El grupo PRISA ha abierto una investigacin interna para aclarar cmo se decidi poner en circulacin esta campaa promocional y adoptar las medidas adecuadas. De manera inmediata ha pedido a la empresa encargada del buzoneo electrnico que se dirija a todos los destinatarios de la campaa para pedir disculpas.

EL PAS quiere expresar una vez ms, como lo ha hecho en sus 28 aos de vida y a lo largo de sus casi 10.000 nmeros, su solidaridad sin fisuras con las vctimas del terrorismo. Tal como deca el artculo editorial de EL PAS del 12 de septiembre de 2001 y ratificamos hoy en todos sus trminos, aquellos atentados alcanzaron a todos los ciudadanos biennacidos, sin distincin de fronteras ni continentes, y constituyeron un ataque contra quienes compartimos los mismos principios democrticos que en nuestro pas tanto cost conseguir.

Los brbaros atentados que luego se han sucedido en todo el mundo, entre otros lugares en Madrid, no han hecho sino confirmar la necesidad de una actitud firme y democrtica ante el terrorismo, de la que debe quedar excluida toda utilizacin irresponsable de este tipo de acontecimientos.


Sincerely, I dont know why this Spaniards are trying to explain you in a very sweet way, how morons you are.

I will not explain anymore about the bad translations that you made, and all this shit. It would be a waste of time, trying to explain something to garbage like you.

You are so dumbasses, that you are not able to understand that the concrete people that you show dead or wounded in this photos is not responsible for your ignorance, and are not reporters of ELPAIS.

But it explains also your attitude in the life. Somebody kills 2700 innocents in NY and you kill 50.000 innocents around the world. This is what I call justice. This is your sense of the justice.

Dont worry, the consequences are incoming.

But in the next terrorist attack which will strike USA (you can bet your ass that there is a big terrorist attack against USA incoming), the Spaniards will not make fun of the victims as you do, yokels.


Oh, no! I hadn't thought of that!

Gee, if the spaniards get really pissed off, they might even abandon their promises of support in the war on terror; turn a blind eye as terrorists kidnap, torture, and kill women and children; and then mock the innocent people who died on September 11th!

Oh, wait...


turn a blind eye as terrorists kidnap (in Guantanamo), torture(in Iraq), and kill women and children (in Iraq and Libya, and Panama, and Chile, and Vietnam, etc etc); and then mock the innocent people who died the 11/3

Oh!! You have opened my eyes. We need to do a meeting in the UN now.

USA must be invaded immediately.


Hmm...kidnapped journalists=POWs, genital mutilation=panties on your head, and collateral damage=taking 1200 women and children hostage then shooting them in the back when they run, all in the name of Allah.

European moral equivalence is astounding.

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