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Who Knows? Goad Knows.

For all his faults, and there are few, Jim Goad knows the ladies:

in my endless locker-room sojourns where
the conversations invariably become gritty and depraved, I’ve never
encountered another male who confided to me that he fantasizes about
committing rape. Not once.

It’s absolutely true.  Rape doesn’t excite men, it scares them.  It sounds too much like work to be erotic.  Maybe that’s why women, even worldly, educated, intelligent women like Key, think rape scenarios would make good porn:

Rugged-looking character hangs out in the alley admiring the view which
is being openly flaunted for him. Tension builds. Eventually, she
throws her apartment key into the street before turning her back and
disappearing from sight. He tears in, throws her against the wall,
shows no mercy, she gasps, she devours, she claws...and in the end

I would quote more, but I just couldn’t stomach it.  In their hearts, women are brutal, vicious, sexual deviants, driven to heights of ecstasy by the smell of fear and the sight of blood.  A woman can’t watch two or more attractive, professionally-upholstered people having good ol’ consensual butt-sex  in a swimming pool; it can’t keep their interest.  They want the violence, the fear. They need it to get their disgusting sexual juices humors flowing. 



Liza Sabater

They need it to get their disgusting sexual juices flowing.

Excuse me but not all need violence. Some of us just prefer a good fuck. As to juices, mine are quite tasty. Are you telling us you are not cunniliterate?


"Cunniliterate"?! Never heard THAT one before. I love that word. Cunniliterate. Are those poor benighted souls who aren't cunniliterate referred to as "cunnichallenged", perhaps?

Anyhow, I think that perhaps women don't have "rape" fantasies as much as fantasies about "ravishment". A subtle but important difference.

Wow, I feel so in tune with my feminine side now...


You talkin' to me? Baby, I'm a straight A student in Cunnilinquistics. I eat so much pussy, I got cauliflower ears; women got some strooong knees. I spend so much time eatin' at the y, I had to grow a goatee, just so my own girlfriend recognize me walking down the street! Waking up when your face don't look and feel like a glazed donut is like a day without sunshine. I'm so good at that shit, neighbors think my girlfriend's an opera singer.

On second thought, I should've written 'humors' instead of juices. I'll get on that.


I had a feeling someone would go there.

You can't be scared out of your mind and turned on at the same time. I won't argue that it's a common fantasy, but I don't care how many times women have fantasized about it, or how good-looking the sane woman would ever elect to be raped.

Passion is what we crave. Not the don't-mind-if-you-fuck-me-don't-mind-if-you-don't attitude in most porn.

If my scenario didn't involve mutual consent, she wouldn't have tossed him her apartment key, and she wouldn't have "devoured" him. I painted a picture of mutual raw hunger.

Many men aren't up for that challenge, as unleashing that degree of passion is out of their comfort the easiest way out is to taint such cravings as somehow being "fucked up."


The post is certainly tongue-in-cheek...mmmm, tongue in cheek...where was I? Oh, yeah, anyhoo, I do think it's interesting how we men have oversensitized ourselves against using a strong hand in bed. I can see that women today internally are just jonesing for a good bodice-rippin', but I hope they understand why men have shy away from such activity.

We have this internal monologue before sex that always starts with, "what would Alan Alda do?"

ann m.

Ahh, the clash of cultures... Opera singer? You're sure with that?

Btw, tongue in cheek... I never would have guessed right what that means... Doh, what a dirty language!


Damn, you folks have me hot. As Rube and Key are two of my favorite peeps I will weigh in that 1) I am cunniliterate in at least four languages, and 2)role-playing is an essential component of great love-making. Especially if one is alone.

I must confess my insistence on being Carl from Slingblade is starting to wear a bit THIN on my sig.other, though. Any takers?


...I haven't seen Slingblade, so I'll have to get back to on that, Vman.

Thanks for the link and, uh - discussion, Rube. ; )

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