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27th of September, 2023



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Talk Radio, Eurostil

So, it’s looking good for Bush folks everywhere.  I’m cautiously optimistic that this time next year, our long-planned Project Radioactive Earth will finally have come to fruition.  If we learned anything from the 2000 election, it’s that disenfranchisement works.

Overheard on German talk radio this morning:

Announcer: I figure most of you choked  on your breakfast pretzels this morning when you read the news that, amazingly, Bush was re-elected.  So, our question today is, are you happy with the election results?

Caller 1: When I read the newspaper this morning, I became physically ill.  How could the Americans do this to us?  To the world?!

Caller 2:  I don’t know what the last caller was thinking.  I’m extremely pleased with the election results.  People in Europe have to learn that Americans will always do what they perceive to be the right thing, no matter what the Germans or the French think.  They believe that actions speak louder than words, and  so far, all the action has come from the United States.  The rest of the world would rather sit around and talk about [terrorism].

Caller 3: I’m very impressed with the Americans. It should now become clear to German politicians that they will have more success if they concentrate on German politics than if they continue to obsess on the Americans. 

So, the world was watching, as John Kerry warned.  And from what I’ve heard, they may have even learned something.  There was an ‘expert on American politics’ on the show as color commentator.  His take was that the over-simplification of the election by European pundits has really created a psychological rift between the Europeans and the Americans, and that the Europeans are on the wrong side of it. 

It was also very interesting watching the coverage on television last night. They had people in Washington, D.C. having a little Kerry love-in.  They had some old fruit talking who was rouged up like a two-dollar whore, spouting Mooreian inanities about Bush and Halliburton.  The moderator just sat there and nodded sadly to everything he said.  They then had the self-same expert who was on the radio this morning on, and he basically tore the guy a new one.  The untouchable Michael Moore was roundly spanked, which is not a pretty mental picture, I don’t care what kind of fetishes you have.

So, if this election does indeed go to Bush, it may have a uniting effect.  I find it much more likely that the US and Europe would come together on the US’s terms than it would with an apologetic Kerry administration crawling to the UN, begging for forgiveness.

So, that’s my serious commentary; we now continue with with our regularly scheduled sick little drawings and vagina references.



The Euros need to be a little more fucking nuanced about American politics.

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