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What scares me about this war

Child Sacrifice

Front pages were dominated by the story of 11-year-old Abdullah Quran, who carried a powerful bomb in his schoolbag, replete with a load of metal pellets and other assorted bits of hardware calculated to rip through human flesh. When they opened the bag, soldiers found, alongside the explosives, the boy’s Spiderman doll.
Abdullah wasn’t merely a courier. He was, unknowingly, a guided missile. A cellphone connected to the 10-kilo bomb he lugged was primed to detonate the bomb by remote control, if his dispatcher considered it expedient.

In the Cold War, actual shooting was avoided based on the principle of MAD. Although it was a mealy-mouthed, new-age, pussified sentiment, Sting was right when he said he “hoped the russians love their children, too”. Communism is absolutely devoid of human sympathy, yet it was the human element within the Soviet system that kept them from lobbing gigatons of nuclear destruction our way. They didn’t want to die, and they knew that that was exactly what would happen if they started anything with us.

Unfortunately, Muslims in general, and arabs in particular, want to die. They live for it. They consider the sacrifice of their own children not only acceptable, but desirable. I can’t even fathom the lack of humanity that would result in the above action. Handing an eleven-year-old kid a sack of plastic explosives and woodscrews and walking him through a checkpoint, because you’re too candy-ass to do it yourself is no way to run a war.

Oddly enough, I haven’t found a single story at Spiegel Online about that kid. But the frothy-mouthed rantings and ravings of the Hamas zombies about the death of Yassin-Saruman is still front page news at the time of this writing.

You can’t survive as a people when you don’t love and protect your children. Your desire for fame and riches should come after your desire to protect the lives of your children. This despicable, piece-of-shit religion is eking its way to oblivion. We can’t let ourselves be taken along for the ride.

Link via Allah



This story seems to epitomize the arab disregard for the lives of anyone, themselves or even their own children. Another story recently from the Gaza hell-hole is that of a mother suing several Palestinian "gentlemen" for kidnapping her fifteen year old son. They locked him in a dark closet and promised him clothes, a cell phone and of course the seventy-two virgins if he would agree to be a homicide bomber. I hope she wins some money and the kid should get at least two or three virgins for his trouble. I'm sorry to make light of the situation but receiving virgin women for Islamic glory sounds very much like something a mortal and horny man would create not a divine being, I don't believe a word of that shit. What do women homicide bombers receive for their contributions to Jihad, the Orgasmatron from Barbarella? I ask this because of the Uzbekistan attacks by two women with exolosive vests blowing themselves up at a couple of TOY STORES. That's right, they went after the most strategic target in the Uzbekistanian gov't., innocent children. That will teach those little punks to side with the USA. Muslims, please explain this behavior to me. I am at a loss on how not ot perceive your fellow Islamists as anything but barbarians. Besides the complete annihilation of Isreal, what do these guys fucking animals want? There seems to be absolutely no compromise in any area on any issue. Arafat was offered ninety-eight percent of his demands at the most recent talks a few years ago but with Hamas breathing down his neck he would not take yes for an answer. It will never end it seems until Israel is gone forever. As I am typing this I see the peace loving Muslims in the city of Fallujah reinforcing my very negative impression of Islam. Those peace loving Muslims killed security guards there to help with the dispersal of free food for the population of that shithole and dragged their bodies through the streets, eventually dismembering them and hanging them from a bridge for all to see. Violent, barbaric and very very stupid. Cowards! Next time attack a Bradley fighting vehicle and prove your point, not civilians, not children, not passengers on an airliner, not fellow Muslims working in Iraq to make life better themselves and others, not Olympic athletes this summer, not teenagers sitting at a pizza parlor or men and women who just want to go to work and then return home to their children at the end of the day.

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