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15th of April, 2024



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Amen, Brother

Acidman is now among the millions of Americans without health insurance. His is a sad tale of woe. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer; he was railroaded out of his job; then, he was railroaded out of his insurance coverage by an unfeeling and faceless bureaucracy. So what did he do?

He called another company, and got insurance there. Funny thing, that free market system.

As Acidman notes, health insurance is one of the phoniest crises there is. The only reason why anybody in the US wouldn’t have health insurance is because they’re too lazy or too stupid to get off their butts and get it. For that matter, that’s the only reason you couldn’t get anything in the US. People do not want to make the effort to take care of their own needs, and want the government to step in and get it done for them. If you’ve got half a brain, and the will, you can be or do or get anything you want in life.

If insurance is too expensive for you, get a huge deductible. You’ll save enough money on your premiums to pay for the little things you might have to go to the doctor for, and you’ll have your ass covered in case something catastrophic happens. There’s no reason at all to turn this responsibility over to the government just because you fags are too lazy to pick up the phone and shop around. Or get on Google and type in “cheap health insurance”. Within minutes, you’ll find a policy with a monthly that costs about as much as your goddamn cable TV does, and a deductible of less than $500. But I guess it’s much easier to just vote yourself insurance with a working man’s money, isn’t it?

In my twenties, I was in the hospital twice to get my head sewn back together. Neither time did I have insurance. The hospital never asked if I was covered: They just led me to a back room, sewed my face back on, and then sent me a bill for their trouble. One bill was for $900.00, the other for $600.00. (The second time I decided to forego the anaesthetic, which saved me some cash. Hell, both times I was drunk enough that I didn’t need anesthetic. I think the first time I was just curious whether I’d get high off it.) I easily covered the bills, even though I wasn’t earning much money back then. So, for 10 years I gambled that nothing would happen to me that I couldn’t pay for, and it paid off. I probably saved myself about $10,000 in premiums, minus the $1,500 that I paid for the two visits.

Here in Germany, you pay a percentage of your income into the Government-controlled insurance rackets. Since 2000, I’ve paid well over 20,000 Euros in health insurance that I’ve used exactly twice, both times for snowboarding accidents that weren’t serious. You have NO CHANCE to haggle it down; you have NO OPTION to increase your deductible to lower the rates; and you have NO CHOICE but to buy the insurance. And you never really know how much it costs you, either. You just get your paycheck electronically transferred, and 55% of it gone. This ‘free’ insurance will put you in the po’-house.

Universal Health Care is an odd euphemism. If you’re not sick, you don’t need health care, so why ‘Universal’? Well, because ‘Health Care’ really means ‘Health Insurance’. And ‘Universal’ means mandatory. And don’t worry: If you can’t afford it, we’ll just suck another 5% out of the upper income brackets to pay for it. They got rich from oppressing the unwashed masses, so let big brother take care of your needs.

It’s beyond irony that all those lefties who scream about keeping the Government out of their wombs have no qualms whatsoever about letting Washington control the rest of their body.

Earlier this week, the Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine had this little gem:
Michael Moore plans to tackle health care next.

Well, the good news is that health care is a subject that damned well needs tackling. It’s shameful what’s happening in this country: millions uninsured; people trapped in the wrong jobs just because of health benefits; money wasted on exploding insurance bureacracy; doctors’ time wasted with insurance time-wasters; proper and necessary care withheld from the sick; costs skyrocketing; malpractice rates driving doctors away.... Oh, Lord, it needs tackling.

Now, Jeff’s a smarter man than I am, but here he’s just talking out his behind. Government intervention is not the answer to bureaucratic overload. And what in the world is he saying about people being trapped in jobs because the benefits are too good? Huh? Now I’ve heard everything. Poor people having to make a choice between good benefits or bad jobs or shopping themselves around for a better job or what, exactly?

You’d think people were dying in the streets, the tell-tale pustules of the black death covering their famished, gaunt faces; these turned up to an uncaring Dubya, riding by in a Cadillac lighting his cigar with a twenty.


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