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14th of June, 2021



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Crushing of Dissent


Enlightened europeans look to geniuses like Michael Moore for moral guidance, and news from the colonies. Why? Michael Moore reinforces their stereotypes of americans and America in general. He’s an obnoxious, fat loudmouth who drones on incessantly about things he really doesn’t understand; he is an unscrupulous capitalist, lying, libelling, and slandering people who have actually made a stand for something in their lives, all the while raking in millions, and all the while playing the part of Working-Class Hero. And, he hates the US so much he can’t stand it, scoring another point with the morally anchorless EU crowd.

He was actually in my home town here this week, and of course, the crowds were out in full force. I haven’t seen any reports in the news of his appearance, but I can only imagine it was the usual lefty circle-jerk: America sucks, Bush is Hitler, we’re all doomed, more pat&eacute?

Of course, it’s a good feeling to sit around talking about how bad things are “over there”. It lets you ignore just how bad it is where you live. People here would love to have our news programming! Ok, 450 hurt in a bombing in Turkey, but first, the Kobe Jackson Peterson Tapes! Here, they talk about crushing of dissent, and how Bush is ruling the United States with an iron fist, instead of the truly krank economy, or the utter hopelessness of the social welfare state.

Iron fist? How’s this for size: In Italy, a comedy show has been cut because they criticized the italian president. In Germany, it’s illegal to display a swastika, among other “Verbotene Symbole”, even in art. In France, it’s illegal to have too many advertisements or too much music in any language other than French. Perhaps in all of Europe, but at least in Germany, you’re not tried by a jury of your peers, you’re tried by a jury of government employees.

If you read through the U.S. Bill of Rights, there’s precious little that you’ll find in common with everyday european life. And yet, with that kind oppression, it’s comforting to think of how very oppressive this cowboy Bush must be, closing down newspapers left and right, pulling critical television shows off the air, and silencing artists who speak out against him!

Could somebody send me some links for those? I’m at a loss.


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