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Peace and Love = Islam = Christianity = Judaism?

Blah. Dead horse. You think Islam is a religion of peace and love? Just ask Salman Rushdie.

You think Christianity is a religion of peace and love? Just ask about a million people tortured to death in Europe by the spanish, or a billion altar-boys shown that special brand of love.

You think Buddhism or Hinduism is about peace and love? Take a look at southeast Asia at the moment.

You think Judaism is about peace and love? Don’t even need anecdotes; just read the Old Testament, keyword “Gomorrah”.

To priests and imams, rabbis and reverends: Stop fucking up the world, you perverts. The message is wearing thin.

Why is it that all the guys have the same god, but the fight is about whose ad agency he’s going to hire?

God I hate you guys.


<strong>Quote of the day</strong>


hukum utama dalam kristen adalah KASIH


Repeat after me:



so what do you believe in?


I believe in the existence of God, although I could never explain why. I believe God guides what we do, but he doesn't care if we eat pork on thursday or use a rubber. He also hears our prayers and is constantly granting us the opportunities to make them come true. But I also believe in the inherent corruptibility of man-made institutions. I have absolutely no faith that the church of Rome or Mecca or Jerusalem are anything but political organizations. They might have some good people, and occasionally do good things, but they all make the big mistake of trying to monopolize faith. BTW, I'm pretty sure flow's speaking bahasa indonesia or malaysia; can anyone translate that?






As a newly converted Muslimah I love my religion very much. I respect every one's spiritual search and even if you choose atheism that's fine, but any person that goes out of his or her way to insult and degrade anyone totally on the basis of religion rather than personal experience suffers from something way worse than death- ignorance and self hatred. What do you get from spreading hate? You are no better than any murderer, killer, rapist or whatever under ANY religion. Because they all had HATE in their hearts and chose to spread it. You don't have to say you have "GOD" in your heart but at least spread love if you must spread something. Instead of worrying about who ISN'T spreading love and peace.


Worship all you want. 'Atheism' means you don't believe in God. I'm not an atheist; I believe very much in God.

'Catholicism' means you take orders from grown virgin men who molest little children. 'Islam' means you take orders from bearded old men who tell you it's ok to blow up school buses full of children or kill people because of books they write.

My beliefs intrude on your life much, much less than your odious beliefs intrude on mine. You aren't Muslim because you believe in God. You don't need a religious designation to believe in God. You are muslim because you believe in all the political trappings of muslim society: Honor Killings, Sharia, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, and Terrorism.

Sorry if I'm being judgemental, but it is my blog.


Well, no, Mr. Enlargement, I don't find that inappropriate at all. Scum.

Doc. Alan Barmby

you are totally inkompentent.....

christian cutie

i'm not sure how to say this but catholics don't believe it's right to molest kids at all. that's why those perverts are in jail. they don't teach you to molest kids or anything like that. and i'm a christian and i love God and i was never taught violence so i'm not sure i understand why you said that christianity is violent or whatever. but i probably won't be back to this site so email me if u want.


Hello. I just wanted to give a quick greeting and tell you I enjoyed reading your material.

um nayef

hi i just wanted to ask you one question salman where are you from?? you know your name is arabic if im not mistaken you should be ashamed of what you are saying and i do agree with my sister above when she said that you are spreading hatred and muslims dont kill or torture innocent people now when you said that, it just made you sound steorotypical and a bit racist don't you think, you can't categorize a whole group because of the minority or because of what you see that is advice from me to you i hope God will forgive you in this holy month of Ramadan thank you


Um Nayef, What the hell are you talking about? Salman Rushdie was sentenced to death by the Ayatollah Kohomeini because he wrote a book. He was neither a muslim nor an Iranian at the time. He is also indian, not arabic. I see no other reference to "Salman" on this page.

And muslims do constantly torture and kill innocent people, just like members of every religion. Torture and dismemberment are two cornerstones of Sharia law, in the form of canings, whippings, and amputation. So don't stereotype yourself by saying that only non-muslims do those things.

And "muslim" is not a race. It's a religion. There are more asian muslims than arabic or black or white muslims.

Do not presume to know what offends God. To do so is arrogant. Do what you think is right, and leave God to his own decisions.

So, with all that, I'm not exactly sure there's anything at all in your post that is true. In fact, I'll bet that girl who wrote above isn't even your sister.


hey rube, allow me to show u ur stupidness infront of your eyes just like u see the sun in the morning... u started accusing religions about all that... well think about it that way.... how was the world b4 those religions came up??? there was nothing called peace... all these wars are not becuz of religion....but becuz of human nature... and bitches like u are ones who start war.... but one thing is for sure.... killing u is not a sin for the insults u have been saying... if u have no religion... then wat r u living for? to die and wait for god to pay u back? i hope u remember wat i said in judgement day...


Hi, Ali,

allow me to debate with someone who, in one 4-line post, managed to mis-spell "you", "your", "in front", "because", and, finally, "what".

Ali, are you even seriously trying to tell me that war has never been started for religious reasons?

Let me educate you, genius: There were 12 separate Christian crusades against the muslims, lasting over 1000 years. There is an institutionalized war called Jihad between muslims and the rest of the world. There is a war right now in Sri Lanka between hindus and buddhists. There's a war in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants. There's a war in just about every country in Africa based on tribal religions.

Tell me again how religion prevents war?

Don't confuse religion with faith. A religion is a political entity, ruled by people, whose purpose is to enforce belief systems among its members, and usually tries to force non-members to join it as well. Faith, in contrast, is personal, and comes from within. I don't have to give people money to prove I believe in God.

Don't come into my personal blog talking trash and making threats just to prove how peaceful and nice you are. It makes no sense.


I Love God and He is Every Where. Watching and Not Happy to see The cruelty we are doing on his land. Do we have any control on wat we do yes The answer is free will, We got free will but there is another think know as His Will(Gods will) and nobody can defy that (Try to do that and end up Erased).So Wat ever You do stay in your limits (Dont play God). You might able to play it but remember everything we do always have circumstances so then dont expect circumstances in you Favour. Peace is in our hands ... May God Bring Peace in the world through good people of world(God himself never going to come down to bring peace) Remember their is a power holding the universe together. U see this power when u Life around you, Day and Night, Earth revolving around sun, you able to speek against God is because he allowed u free will dont waste it by speaking crap and expressing anger but to bring people to one platform, that platform on which they will not have any argument, shall I give you a clue i.e God is one the sole power able to eliminate anybody anny when he wants so think you believer or shall I say ignorant.


Ruba I am not angered by your comments because as a Muslim in today's world I'm sort of getting used to the hatred people have towards us. I only want to say that dont judge Islam on the basis of what you hear from others. if you want to find out about Islam read the Holy Quraan and if you want to know what a perfect Muslim is like read about Prophet Muhammad (SAW). If you truly understand the Quraan you wont have any doubts about what is right and what is wrong. I pray God gives you understanding and shows you the right path.



Please understand that I would like to know more about the prophet Mohammed. There's not really a lot of concrete information about him. You can't learn about him from only one source, the Quran. Oh, you can interpolate a lot of things, for example he hated Jews, dogs, pigs, art, and had a disturbing fascination for little girls (he married a six-year-old). But really, the cold facts about Mohammed himself are few and far between.

That's pretty easy to understand, of course. Everytime somebody writes something about Mohammed that isn't 100% in line with what the muslim leaders say gets a death sentence, like the aforementioned Mr. Rushdie. Pretty interesting, that. It's almost as if to say, the truth cannot be destroyed or hidden, but just to make sure, we'll kill anybody who says differently. How in the fucking hell can people living in the 21st century still swallow that bullshit? Doesn't it sound like a load of crap to muslims, too, that people should be killed for what they write?

I know that virtually all Christians abhor the killing of Abortion Clinic Doctors, and the raping of altar-boys, and the ones that support it are truly the outsiders and are generally despised. But somebody like the Ayatollah Khomeini is revered throughout dar-al Islam, even though he sentenced a man to death for writing a book. WRITING A BOOK, for fuck's sake.

How can people be so insecure in their beliefs? If you're so sure you're right, what does it matter what other people think? Freedom to think and ask questions is the most precious thing in the world, and organized religions have been trying to stamp it out for thousands of years. I, for one, will not play along.


I really can't believe what I am reading. What has everyone become so judgemental and prejudice? Why do people only attack and never really search for the Truth. From what I read I really feel like we are living in Ignorance. Not all Jews are bad and not all popes rape altar boys and not all Muslims are terrorists. It is totally ignorant to just extremely generalize and take one situation and say that that's how life is. I think people should really look to God and pray that they find the right way and that God leads them to the truth. If we all are honest with ourselves - I am sure that God will shine the light upon what is right and we will all be able to follow. We are not all alike and no one can generalize and say that the whole world is bad!! Please pray to God in whatever way you want to and maybe one day you'll find your right way !


I understand your message that religions are being institutionalize. I think we all should find a way to believe where we can believe directly and not with someone who will forward our messages to God for us. I am a buddhist and you have not receive many messages from someone of this religion. Yes, there might be some crisis in southeast asia, but I still think that this religion is different from the others. If you can just take sometime and learn more about it, i would like it if you could comment on it. My relirion does have monks and a sangha, but if you just surpassed those things and look at the true meaning of it, you can see the differents.

sugar plum

I think that you all need to relax and respect Rube's opinion as well. He has strong evidence towards his beliefs and is clearly knowledgeable about serveral religions and their societal impacts. Respect his conclusions from his research although you do not have to agree with them. Step out of your dogmatic worldviews and at least attempt to understand anothers.


I think ur all gay and u should not go into peoples own religion. I hate people like u. Just go on with ur regular lives and dont talk about any others. Coversion is evil.


What is it with people today that they can't spell 'you'?

It's YOU, dicknose. 3 Letters. You save yourself 2 letters when you spell it 'u'. Just leaving off those 2 letters drops you 50 IQ points. That's 25 points per letter. Is it worth it, O xerox1390?


Well i can spell it any way i want so :P


Sure you can, but it's disrespectful to speak/write so informally to someone you don't know, especially on their own turf/weblog.

If you want people to respect you, you need to make a little effort with your communication until you've established a less formal relationship with them. You wouldn't send off a resume with that crap in it, would you?



just go and fuck yourself, i think you did not have a good fuck for a very long time, please let me know i can help cause i fuck very well. I really do not care what you will say in answer, cause u are full of shit!!!!!!!


I do not understand the reasoning for arguements between people over religous beliefs ,me myself , I do not belive in god i do not see how a god that is supposivly a good god let so much hurt and pain endore the world . I really just belief people are born then die ..the end no heaven or nothing ....



I believe in God, but we do agree on the pointlessness of arguing about him. If someone truly offended God, he can take care of himself.



so what is it that you really believe in? do you mind sharing it with us, you seem very knowledgable in religions.



What I believe? I believe, for one, that you can't read, since I've answered that question 4 times in this thread.


It seems there is alot of hate here, and quite a few stereotypes being thrown out as fact. Rube does have a point in saying that religions cause strain in political and socio-ethical areas, but on the other hand going as far as to say that Muslim as a religion condones "bus-bombings and the like, that Catholicism promotes child molestation, and a slew of others is rather wrong. Muslim scripture actually states that if one denounces the religion, do not harm him, only wrong-doers (criminals if you will) should be punished. There are holy wars as Rube mentioned, but what he fails to comprehend is that they are between extremists of the religious sects. I am a buddhist, for example, yet I do not support war of any sort, even one to defend my own religion, for to do so is ultimately against the beliefs shared among the non-zelots in my and most religions, so with that as my final point, happy arguing


You think atheism is about peace and love? Ask one of the millions killed under Chairman Mao or Joseph Stalin.

Numerically more deaths put together in atheistic regimes than those "under" "christianity". But Rube hasn't mentioned this.

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