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23rd of February, 2019



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More Than A Handful

Dax is a Linux guy now? Good luck, man, I’ll be right there with you in a couple of weeks, at least at the office. But at home? I’d rather take a poke in the eye with a sharp stick than run Linux as my day-in, day-out desktop. But the price is right, and the licensing terms are more than agreeable, so if you have the time, and hate playing MP3s and games, Linux might just be for you. Naturally, my first instinct as a smug Apple Fanboi is to rip out my hair and say, “DAX, MAN, WHY YOU HATE YOU’RE FAMILY GET A MAC! OMG!”. But he knows about Macs, and still decided on Linux. His reasoning, however, piques my interest:

Not that I’m going to become one of those freaky Apple people, mind you. After all, I like to actually run more than a handful of programs. However, I have downloaded Red Hat Linux. Let the learning begin!

“Handful of programs,” I thought to myself, and hit the F9 key on my keyboard, bringing up Exposé:

Picture 6

Doing! That’s gotta be like, 500 windows there. Has that crap really been running in the background all this time? I need to close a program every now and then, methinks. I know that document window in the bottom left, with the red header, has been open at least a week. That’s when we printed the flyers for our apartment. It gets away from you sometimes, that desktop management thingy.

Then, of course, there’s all that Dashboard crapola that’s running in the background:

Picture 8

Is that really a modern impression of the Macintosh, that you can’t run a lot of stuff at once? I guess that was the case back in the Multifinder days, but take a look at what ps ax spits out on my laptop:

[75 lines of meaningless code deleted]

I would say that’s more than a handful. Or maybe Dax is talking about program availability. Like the ability to walk into a store and pick out shrink-wrapped software to take home with him. That would make sense, seeing as the acceptance of the Macintosh doesn’t compare at all with that of Windows, especially in the retail space. But then, he’s switching to Linux. If he thinks he’s going to find software for Linux at Best Buy, well.... BWWWAAAAHAHHHAAAHAAAAHAAA!!! Talk about a rude surprise in the waiting.


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