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23rd of February, 2019



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IE Woes? Who gives a damn?

Oddly, I just spent an hour trying to figure out why the sidebar of this blog disappears when viewed in Internet Explorer 6. There’s apparently a missing tag, or a bad HTML element somewhere, or whatever it is today that causes IE6 to get the vapors.

I say ‘oddly’ because I really don’t give a fuck how any of my pages look in IE. If you’re still using Microsoft’s abortion of a browser after all suffering and human misery that it’s caused, you are a traitor and a Communist. Which is unfortunate, because look what you assholes are using?

Browsers Unique Visitors
MSIE 6 88229 62.16%
Netscape 7 46143 32.51%
Netscape 4 3038 2.14%
MSIE 5 2873 2.02%
Other 1096 0.77%
Netscape 3 249 0.17%
MSIE 4 247 0.17%
WebTV 1 12 0.00%
Opera 6 5 0.00%
AOL 4 4 0.00%
MSIE 3 4 0.00%
Opera 5 1 0.00%
Netscape 34.82% - MSIE 64.36% - Other 0.78%

I mean, what’s up with you dickheads, anyway? This table tells me that at least 64.36% of my visitors are slobbering, knuckle-dragging waterheads. Did you ever wonder why 90% of email nowadays is spam? It’s because dickheads like you surf porn sites using Internet Explorer, get viruses, and your computer uses your cable modem to send spam to people who should hate you, 24/7.

Is it really just beyond you people to go out and download Firefox? Do you really not understand that using IE is like going to prison with a naked Angelina Jolie tattooed on your back?

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I'm reading this post with my FIREFOX browser.


Which would be worse: visitors using IE or commenters from YouTube? Exactly. So relax, dude. Time to switch to decaf.


Whatever, Zonk. How's that Super-duper Gator Toolbar treating you these days? I read your headers, maaaaan...


Oh no. Guilty as charged. But give a techtard a break. I only use it because it's set up in a way that I can negotiate through all my programs quickly and my Firefox isn't. Do I get any points for only using Firefox on my laptop?

Jim - PRS

Firefox? Is that some brand of condom?


... bite me, Rube... the porn sites I surf are all safe... Zonker told me so.....


@Libby: using Firefox/Thunderbird, or Opera, or anything except IE and Outlook is the easiest, surest way to make your computer more secure. It's not 100% safe, nothing is, but it takes five minutes and brings you computing peace of mind, and my everlasting respect.

@Eric: you sharing pr0n with Zonker is quite possibly the scariest, disturbingest, and downright depressingest thing I've heard all day. Send me links.

agent bedhead

Yeah, Eric. Zonker only likes teh midget and goat pr0n.

I could be wrong because I don't work in a traditional crappy office, but methinks that most workplaces use IE6 and their employees don't have the admin privileges to either upgrade to IE7 or use something FAR BETTER. And as everyone knows, the best place to read blogs is . . . on their employer's clock. ;-)


I will not deign to respond to the porn allegations other than to say that once one goes midget goat, one does not go baaaaaaaack. So don't you feel sheepish.

Anyway, I use Firefox and have for quite some time now. So don't be tarring me with the webtard brush, Rube. Asshole. No wonder the Krauts are deporting your ass to merry olde England.

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