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28th of May, 2016



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Photoshop sucks

I hate Photoshop. It’s slow, expensive, and impossible to understand. I’ve been trying to use it since version 2 came out for Irix. About 5 minutes ago, I tried to draw a box around something in it, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I realize that that is a job for Illustrator, and not Photoshop, seeing how it’s a vector operation. But do I really need a $300 program just to draw boxen?

I don’t understand why everyone hates Macromedia’s Fireworks. It’s a perfect balance between raster- and vector-oriented graphicking. Unfortunately, now that Adobe has swallowed Macromedia, Fireworks is dead. Fuckers.

Here’s a simple task I just did in 2 minutes in Fireworks:


With Photoshop, that could easily become a life-long assignment. You will become old and gray, while earning a very livable pension, trying to create outlines from the text, creating a union intersect, and, God help you, finding the stroke options anywhere in the menus. Not to mention the fact that you’ll quickly pop a vein cursing Adobe whenever you click on an object and drag it somewhere, only to see the background mask move instead. And I’m sure there’s a reason why at some point you can’t right click anything anymore. I’m sure it’s a mode or something.

This program sucks.



The Gimp isn't any easier, but it's free.


I've already bought Fireworks, so price isn't really an issue. Gimp is a good engine, and a good GUI toolkit. I hate the UI, though, and see no reason to use it. XNView is also free, cross-platform, and it does most of the things I would need a 'free'-level program for. Cropping, resizing, filters, etc. Plus, it's lightweight and the UI doesn't give you eye-cancer.

If it's anything else, Fireworks is my go-to program.


Maybe PS only sucks to you because you are too simple to work it out.

Drawning a box:

  1. Select Shape tool
  2. Select Shape
  3. Draw Shape.

The image in fireworks might have taken you two minutes, but it looks like Elton John has shit all up my screen.


.. post, you lazy bastard...


Didn't see it, and don't have the Mac version of Photoshop to check up on it, Martin. Did Photoshop 6 have a box-drawing tool? If so, I didn't find it.

As for the example, I never said Fireworks encouraged good taste. It just made the stuff I find myself doing much simpler than Photoshop.


I have been using Fireworks since the beginning. I am taking Lynda courses to learn Photoshop which I have given up on many times. It's such an unintuitive interface. For example, I can't just select text and copy and paste it. What? Why do I need to ask my colleague how to do that? I'm not an idiot usually. But I feel like one learning Photoshop.

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