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20th of July, 2018



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When the Rubes Come Marching In

Well well, the local teeny-bopper radio station has taken an interest in your humble host. There was an attractive young lady in the palatial YouBitch offices over the weekend, interviewing yours truly and the lovely Miss Moebius for a special on blogs, and the blogging bloggers who blog them. The interview was a lot of fun, but it brought to my attention a couple of things about myself. For example, I have no freakin’ clue why I do what I do here at I mean, really, how many of you bloggers out there could actually really tell someone with 100% honesty why you blog? I’m not really the interviewing type, so I couldn’t really think of the proper bullshit platitudes to flesh out my meagre answers. Another thing I learned, was that I don’t really know when to shut up once I get going. The interview was about 25 minutes long, and I got the feeling I talked for about 40 minutes of that.

I also got to hear myself speaking in German. I really thought I had this whole faking a native accent in German thing just about conquered. I’ve been practicing it for almost six years now, and thought I had it pretty much down. But goodness gracious, I sound like I just got off the plane and asked for the nearest McDonald’s, goddamit, don’t nobody speak English ‘round here?! I guess I should try and figure out if German girls think a ridiculous American accent is sexy, and adjust myself accordingly. Then again, I can’t imagine that German spoken with any accent can be sexy, but one can dream...

Du kannst träumen, baby. *wink*

I’ll be posting a podcast of the interview after the show airs. It’s in German, but you’ll still be able to revel in the silky, dulcimer tones of the full-throated manliness that is Rube. Oh, and I think Miss Moebius Managed to get a word in, too.


Jim - PRS

My ability to speak German is directly proportional to my intake of German beer (or at least I think it is). I hope you had a liter or two before the interview. At a minimum, I hope you pronounced your umlauts correctly, and if they make fun of you, ask them to say "this" and "that" without sounding like "zis" und "zat".

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