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26th of May, 2019



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Hard Weeks

Howdy, friends and neighbors! Man, I’ve hard a tough couple of weeks. Ever since thanksgiving I’ve been busier than a butt-legged man in a nun-kicking contest. Deadlines to meet, servers to build and ship, the entire back catalog of X-Files to watch. We’re all the way up to the one where that guy from Monk kills people with his dark-matter shadow.

Not that it’s all been work-related, mind you. I’ve recently re-discovered video games. With the little woman away this past weekend, I eschewed eating, bathing, and sleeping to sail a cartoon boat around an imaginary world in Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Despite the obvious gayness inherent in all Zelda games, I’m secure enough in my masculinity to declare this THE BEST GAME EVER. I haven’t been sucked into such a bottomless miasma of escapism and bad personal hygiene since the first Zelda, back in ‘88. That’s right: miasma!

Anyhoo, that’s about it. Almost. I also got a call from a rather large open-source company that you’ve probably heard of to come work for them in England. Maybe I’ll move there with my sweetie, who knows. It’ll be a big investment at first, since I’ll have to buy a bowler hat and have my teeth darkened, but it’ll probably be worth it, just for the weather.



Be hard to give up the "real" German beer, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Oh yes..move to England. You're an adventurous kind of guy.

You'd love it I bet and it's just a stone's throw from Germany. Our friends here have parents in England and it's dirt cheap to fly back and forth and that would be good for Anna. It might would be hard on her at first soo being able to see her family often would be nice.

I LOVED and I mean LOVED living in England.

I say go for it!


Oh and yes...I think you not bathing for Zelda is a little gay.

Just a wee bit...

I'm only joking with ya'......................sorta


Rube a.k.a. Eric,

Any sign of "America Alone" yet? The folks at Amazon said you ought to have it by now.



"America Alone" by Mark Steyn? That book rocks. Seriously good readin' material.

Damn it. Totally forgot my original comment. Easily distracted, I am.

Jim - PRS

Travel tip: When in London, always take a black cab. Long story.

Bob Baird

Rube --

I have a copy of Tom Brown's School Days as an ascii file. That's really all you need to know about brits and how their heads work. Except, you still won't know how cricket works. At least it doesn't snow as much in Dover as it does in the frozen barren steppes of Western Russia.

Of course, you could always suck it up and come back to the land of the Last Mohicans. We build servers here too you know.



Speaking of London and taxis; I was working there in a far flung suburb of London. I took the tube into London in order to drink heavily. At what seemed an early hour (11:00?) the bartender pulled a large, metal cage over the bar and locked it. I asked him where I could get another drink and he answered that all the bars in London stop serving at the same hour. The locked cage was to help ensure compliance with the regulation.

So I staggered back to the tube for the long trek back to my hotel. The subway train stopped at some predetermined time (11:30, 11:45)? I assumed there was a mechanical failure until I noticed my fellow passengers detubing (disemtubing?) and walking along the tunnel's edge towards the next station. I asked someone what was going on and he told me that the trains have to stop running each evening at a set time, even if they are not at the end of their destination, or, in our case, even if they were not at a station.

At the station a London cabbie was happy to take me the rest of the way for 60 pounds.


... Zelda?... good God, man....


I don't know that the weather is much better but I always thought Newcastle was better than German beer anyway.


Newcastle is awfull... the only good stuff you get to drink over there is cider and guinness (which is imported, too).

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