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20th of April, 2019



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National Association for..the...uh...what?

Live-blogging of Rube losing absolutely all the faith in humanity that remained in his shrivelled, black little heart.
(brought to you by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance)

Ok, let’s get started.

  • 1:10AM: Here is an interesting Q & A between American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and a bunch of fat people (with pic!). Excerpt:
    Question: If two fat passengers fly together, can they buy three seats between them?

    Southwest: No. Both must buy two seats. They may get a refund if the plane is not full if they let us know in advance.

    Interesting. At the top of that page, they’ve written
    “Event description: “You are a part of history. NAAFA as invited representatives from Southwest, United, American, Continental, and other airlines to discuss how we can help them better serve our community. Rules of conduct will be available prior to the meeting.”

    I will leave it as an excercise for the reader(s) to contemplate what ‘rules’ the airlines felt they had to have in writing beforehand.

  • 1:23AM: Reading more, there’s a State of the NAAFA Paper. They apparently have their own jargon. The President, Kara Brewer Allen, who probably bears little or no resemblance to Ann Coulter til around last call, warns the herd against “Feederism”, whatever the hell that is.

  • 1:26AM: I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable here...
    We LONG to be united! We MUST be united! Healthy choices and lifestyles for ALL PEOPLE People of any SIZE OR SHAPE! NAAFA will be the leading FORCE for all Americans of Size.

    Why did they capitalize “FORCE” like that?

  • 1:29AM: I seeeeee...: “Dieting is the leading cause of obesity in the US.”

  • 1:32AM: Airline Tips for Large Passengers: GATE TRANSPORTATION - It’s usually a long walk between curbside check-in and the gate, or between gates when you have connecting flights. When making your reservations, make sure to tell the agent if you will need special services, such as the airport tra m or an armless wheelchair and attendant.

    I’m beginning to doubt the veracity of that last point about dieting there. Maybe stuffing your face to the point of semi-consciousness, then asking to be wheeled around instead of walking could have something to do with obesity?

Ugh. Enough. Fat people screaming about insensitive treatment. Enjoy being fat, or don’t be fat. Unless it’s a ‘glandular thing’, I mean, *wink*.



Interesting comments . We just did a poll at on whether overweight people should pay more for their airline tickets because the extra weight is costing the airlines in fuel costs (the Airlines claim)

I'm really suprised at the results far 47% think they should pay more ! 34% No and the Skinny people think they should get a rebate ha..

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