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23rd of May, 2019



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Straight Shootin' in the Tennesee Woods

Me and the little woman just finished spending two wonderful days visiting Mr. Straight White Guy and his bonnie lass, Fiona. First of all, let me just tell you what a wonderful pair those two are. They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome at their beautiful compound, and showed us one hell of a time.

The first night, I met Eric’s cousin, who shall remain nameless, namely because he was short-drinking us, remaining sober while the rest of us drunk ourselves into a good-natured stupor. The boys barbecued some good-looking ribs, and we spent about seven hours shooting pool in the garage, drinking beer, talking trash, and, for my team at least, beating Eric and Anna like rented mules.

(click on images to view full size)

Img 0766

Img 0755-1

Img 0762-1

Img 0764-1

Img 0769-1

This morning, Mr. Guy cooked us up a killer breakfast of biscuiits, bacon, and eggs, providing the groundwork for our foray into the world of newly-legal assault rifles. You’ll notice in the first picture below, that Anna, who’s never shot a weapon before in her life, just took out the three colored ballons that were attached to the post. In three shots, I might add. I needed about 15 rounds before bagging my third balloon, so, yes, I’m humiliated as both a man and an American, thank you.

Img 0795

Img 0805-1

Img 0806-1

Img 0800

Now, let’s see some action! Here are some movies; just click to play, though you may need the free Quicktime software to view them.

Eric, running the table. Almost.

Mvi 0759

Brad with the manly, manly break.

Mvi 0760

Anna with the shot!

Mvi 0765Trim

Rube talkin’ trash

Mvi 0772

Three shots, three balloons. Nice shootin’, Tex!


There’s something about european girls with assault weapons that is just irresistible. Here’s Fiona on the AR 15:


Of course, the shot-to-kill ratio would’ve suffered had it not been for Eric’s coolness.


Remember kids, handle your firearms responsibly! Although guys, between you and me, there are few things on the planet that can make chicks pull mugs like these:

Img 0797-1

Img 0808-1

Those are gun-faces if I’ve ever seen one. All in all, we had ourselves a wonderful time. You can read Eric’s version of it here.

We’ve invited Eric and Fiona over to visit us in Germany. Hopefully, they’ll show up and we can take them snowboarding. Or just sit around and drink beers as big as tree trunks, either way, I’m easy.



It was our pleasure, killer. We'll see you guys in Germany!

Jim - PRS

Looks like you guys had a pisser. Nothing like pool, booze, and a shoot-em-up. I'll have to watch the movies at work, as this home-clunker is not cooperating.


What a rocking time!

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