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20th of April, 2019



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Whew! It was all a bad, bad Dream

Whining, simpering twat Roxanne, guest-blogging over at the occasionally liberal Kulture Kitch’n just took a load off my mind. You see, about 3 years ago, plus or minus a few weeks, I had this horrible dream, no doubt induced by an overzealous, Orson Wells “War of the Worlds”-type radio play, that Islamic terrorists hijacked four passenger jets, and flew three of them into buildings in Washington and New York, and crashed the fourth one in Pennsylvania. I know this is crazy, but you know how vivid dreams can be sometimes, so stick with me. In this dream, over 3,000 people died within an hour; people from all over the world, not just Americans. And the craziest thing was, in this dream I had, the crime was perpetrated by a believer in the peaceful, benevolent religion of Islam, known the world over for its benevolent peacefulness.

It was all an illusion. Osama bin Laden, hunted unjustly now for three long years, doesn’t actually exist. He’s Emmanuel Goldstein, you see? Emmanuel Goldstein was the bogeyman invented by Ingsoc to give a face for their people to hate. Goldstein didn’t really exist. George W. Bush, that diabolical genius/slobbering retard, invented OBL to motivate us all to give up our right to smoke in bars and give more money to the military-industrial complex. Oh, yeah, and reinstate a draft, almost forgot that one.

Enough of that shit. One immutable truth, is that liberals love to quote Orwell, but not one of them understands him. Liberals, and really all statists, should stay as far away from Orwell as they can, lest they get some on them. Orwell was a social democrat, but in Europe you’re either that or a fascist: There is no political conservativism over here. Orwell’s greatest fear was runaway leftist statism (the ‘Soc’ in IngSoc stood for socialism, in case you missed it, Roxanne), and that’s what 1984 is about. Roxanne should probably try to actually read the book before she starts trying to apply it to modern politics. Between 1984 and Animal Farm, she might eventually get the gist of what Orwell was really talking about.

OBL is Goldstein; the World Trade Center was the Reichstag Fire; 2+2=5. I guess I should have expected it from a site that spreads the hatred and filth of Mr. “White Devil” himself, Malcom X, as if it were Sunday Sermon inspirationals instead of crypto-Islamist racism. Culture Kitchen is de-linked, and I would advise anyone to read it, if they think that the Democratic Party is still a sane choice. Liza was an idiot to let someone like that come in and blow their cover of entertainingly-vapid progressive ‘thinking’.

Get back in the kitchen, girls, and leave this thinking stuff to people who aren’t on crack.



It's funny, you know? I've had the same sort of conversation with folks, especially when I was rereading "1984" recently...

THEM: Hey, you're reading Orwell. If George Bush gets reelected, America is going to end up living "1984", you know.

ME: Ummm, actually the society shown in "1984" is primarily the result of leftist/socialist agenda run amock.

THEM: ...

ME: Still, it's a good book. You should read it sometime. Hey, where ya going'?


Heh. It must suck for them. Orwell is just so damn quotable, and you can't use it! 1984 is about as pro-socialist as Atlas Shrugged.


Good call! I find it kinda amusing that you used that particular example because, after weeks of sporadic reading, I'm FINALLY nearly finished with Atlas Shrugged.

It's a LOT better than I thought it'd be. Very relevant to recent times even if I don't agree with Rand on 100% of her philosophy.

I think I need some brain candy after reading it though.

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