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People in Europe like to talk on and on about things in America. Germans in particular are egregious knuckleheads when it comes to anti-Americanism.  Michael Moore is God here.  It’s really quite easy to be God in Germany, it seems.  You just have
to scream louder than the rest of the people, and compare everybody to
Hitler.  Germans apparently have some inside track in recognizing the
next Hitler.  Well, they should.

The entire country is full of moonbat lefties.  Even the conservatives here are moonbat lefties.  People who seem perfectly normal are just barking mad once you talk politics with them.  For example, no one talks about German politics.  The economy sucks over here.  I mean, it really sucks.  I’m homeless at the moment, as is a good friend of mine in Hamburg.  My colleagues, all of them intelligent, talented people in diverse fields, are to the man being hounded by the Finanzamt, the German equivalent of the IRS for money that just isn’t there.  I’ve got them on my ass, too.  Nobody has any money, there’s no work to go around, and there are beggars in the streets, kneeling on every street corner in the bitter cold with plastic cups out, silently waiting for you to bump them a euro.  It’s heavy at the moment.  But still, Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news magazine, has cover stories devoted  almost exclusively to American politics.  There seems to be an unspoken rule at the the moment that it’s best just not to talk about German affairs.  Nobody wants to read about paying $4 per gallon for gas.  Nobody wants to think about the government taking 80% of your paycheck in income tax, value-added tax, solidarity tax, eco-tax, heating-tax, and force-fed health insurance. 

Real-life Nazis are winning seats in the Bundestag Landtag* in eastern Germany, and an increasingly bitter, impoverished public is getting sick and tired of kissing bureaucrat ass.  Eventually, they are going to start listening to these master-racist retards and start annexing things again.  And morons like Johannes should really start worrying about the direction Europe is headed, instead of criticizing things they are incapable of understanding.

*-corrected by commenter Doug. For an overview of the German government’s structure, looky here.


protein wisdom

<strong>The mood in Deutchland: &quot;All your American politics are belong to us&quot;</strong>

Notes from abroadeople in Europe like to talk on and on about things in America. Germans in particular are egregious knucklehea...

Frank Villon

I saw your post over at Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom.

Good writing! I had not been aware of your blog before. Now that I know of it I will check back to read more in the future.

Gut Rumbles

<strong>you bitch!</strong>

I really need to put this site on my blogroll. Rube is in Germany and he speaks with the wisdom...

Larry Crotser

I lived in Hamburg back in the 80's and in Cologne in the 90's, for about 6 years in toto. YOu're right about the Germans. I've got friends who are astounded to learn that I support Bush. They are convinced that something is wrong with me. And they all, on the one hand, act all pissed off about having our troops in their country, and then when we pull them out they are pissed because they'll miss the revenue. I really like Germans, but they are starting to piss ME off. How do you deal with it?

Somebody really stuupid

Mmmh, what about this?

"With Hussein in hand, we should find those weapons as soon as possible. If it turns out there were no weapons, and the Iraq War was all about the ooooiil, impeach Bush, convict him, and put him before the ICC. I have no problem with that."


Yep, my words; it'll take years to get it sorted out, but if it's true, in Leavenworth with the lout.

Not really sure how that fits into the conversation, though...


I think the high point of German-American relations was July 22, 1969, the day after the U.S. put men on the moon. I was working a mid shift (midnight to 8 a.m.) at Ramstein AB that day and while I was there I drew a moonscape with an American flag on my Mercedes front quarter panel with grease pencils. As I was driving home through Landstuhl the next morning a bunch of people started pointing at it and applauding. For the next week no American GI had to buy a drink in a bar in Landstuhl. Great times. But they didn't last.


Oh, sorry for being imprecise, I just wanted to point out some things about "understanding" concerning the discussion you mentioned with the reason for this whole "war against terrorism"-thing in mind, because I thought it's already official that there weren't any weapons of mass destruction...

And yes, I know that "oil" is also the incorrect answer... ("dominance of culture", maybe?)

My god, this twisted conservative crap is making me mad. Wake me up when it's over... :-|


I've just moved back to Germany..10yrs ago was in Stuttgart now living around Kaiserslautern. I moved into a small farming village and my german neighbors ain't said shit one way or the other..but maybe I just ain't been here long enough. These guys are mostly farmers, sheep, cows and they make good money renting their houses to Americans so..they likey U.S. dollar.


That'd be a Landtag or two in eastern Germany. But hey, why bother with pesky facts?

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