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20th of April, 2019



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All Muslims are Terrorists

The followers of Allah are Terrorists. All of them.

In the 70’s, there was a standard disclaimer that ran on television stations, that went something like: “We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin”. Which of these things is not like the other? Race and national origin are things that cannot be helped: your parents are who they are, and you’re born where you were. But creed? Is that some kind of reference to Jews? Is judaism a ‘creed’? Or do they mean Southern Baptists? Or Catholics?

According to Wikipedia,

A creed is a statement of belief -- usually religious belief -- or faith.The word derives from the Latin credo for ‘I believe’.

So when did it become illegal to discriminate against people for what they think? Klansmen and Black Panthers are ideological ne’er-do-wells that are discriminated against, and rightly so. Is that illegal? Of course not. It’s worthless pork-language tacked onto an otherwise acceptable policy. You should definitely be able to deny services to people whose beliefs are offensive to you. Would a black architecture firm be sued because they wouldn’t bid on a contract for a new KKK headquarters? Wouldn’t that be a violation of the “race, creed, color” code? It would.

‘Creed’ should be stricken from the taboo list. ‘Creed’ is a choice. You decide if you want to believe something. You have that choice. Otherwise, you are not human, and are therefore legally edible. Islam is a creed; it’s a cult, not a belief. You are all terrorists, and should be treated thusly. It should be legal to eat muslims.

In the last week, there were 2 bus-bombings in Israel, which involved the murders of numerous women and children; there were 2 plane bombings in Russia, there is so much shit in Iraq that I can’t even count it here, and, to top it all off, now Muslims have kidnapped 200 children in Russia, and are threatening to kill them unless some jews are killed or something or other.

There is a boil on the ass of the world, and his name is Mohammed. When will you moon-worshipping philistines wake up? When will the christian-hating liberals of the western world smell the coffee? In every country in the world, there is a violent struggle between the modernists and the Muslims. Islam is hell on earth. Sickening...


ann m.

something i read today: "Not all Muslims are terrorists. But it is a sad fact that all terrorists are Muslim." -->

Nick Lauren

Symphony for the Guardian of Peace By Adam Bom

Please allow me to introduce myself Im a thermo-nuclear device Ive been around since World War II Designed to lay waste to enemy life

The Islamic world will vaporize In my almighty burning flames Extremist and Moslem innocents Transformed into charred remains

Pleased to atomize you Hope you guessed my name But whats puzzling you Is how I got into the game

You invited me on from the Tyranny Of your psycho Mullahs Vice Who taught you that Jihad Is every Moslems duty and right

What you should of known You were brainwashed for their gain They raped your daughters, right? And your sons were offered fame

Pleased to atomize you Hope you guessed my name But whats puzzling you Is how I got into the game

I will ignite with a sunlike light In Mecca during Ramadan The Black Stone and a billion Moslems Will burn in a pillar of shame

Your religion is a fools parade Led by men whos power grows You live in misery and poverty While they thrive upon your woes

Let me introduce myself Im a thermo-nuclear device The message that Im sending out Is that you all will pay the price

Pleased to atomize you Hope you guessed my name But whats confusing you Is how I got into the game

Just like Islam is a religion of peace And all the murdering martyrs saints As black is white Just call me Atom Bomb Cause Im in need of some restraint

If youre in my vicinity When my powers are unleashed You have only a moment in time To Plea for a place in eternity Or change now and live in peace

Tell me terrorists, what are your names Tell me Moslem innocents, what is their names You have the chance to stop your apocalypse I tell you one time, or you too are to blame.


Hey Nick, if we were dying for some eloquent faggotry, we'd switch on the Bravo Channel, okay?

Next, of course, we could reverse the whole argument and claim that USrael is a boil on the ass of the world, having, since after 1945, gotten involved in and greatly intensified a shitload of wars that really weren't any of its business. We've funded Israel, a state that pushed Arab Muslims off lands they inhabited for over one thousand years, since its birth, fucked with governments in that region (the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein was also one of our sockpuppets until the USSR caved) as part of our strategy in the phoney-ass Cold(non)War, and then we have the gall to cry "We didn't do anything to deserve this!" when pissed-off Muslims knock down one of the racket's biggest finance centers. We bomb thousands of them to death, its an act of justice. They throw a few bombs back at us, its terrorism. Germans loot, we liberate. We Jesus, they Satan. Apparently in a "warre," its not okay for the other side to do the same things to us that we do to them. That's to be expected, though, as America IS the land of special treatment. Russia, I guess, is supposed to be totally shocked when, after their military razes whole living quarters districts in Grozny and rapes the shit out of the women, some pissed-off Muslims go and bomb a few Moscow marketplaces and schools. It isn't so much terrorism (fear-spreading) as it is eye-for-an-eye stuff, although at the rate us Big Fellows are going, its going to take quite a long time for the Muzzies to catch up.

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